Hey Suga!


We get it…being vegan can be challenging. You don’t know what to cook, how to cook it, where to eat, or what to order. Even for tenured vegans it can be frustrating to find new foods to try and places to eat.

That’s where we come in. For years we have been traveling in search of the greatest vegan food the U.S. has to offer. We are constantly scouring the internet and cookbooks for easy, creative and tasty recipes. On our journey, we encountered one problem- there is an OVER ABUNDANCE of restaurants, chefs, and recipes all claiming to be the best. It seems like a good thing at first but after spending, correction- wasting, a ton of time, money and food, we figure we could spare others from doing the same.

With Suga Dumplin’ we will be sharing our experiences with you to help you cut out some of the not-so-great/awful recipes and subpar restaurants. We promise to be unbiased and honest with our opinions, always. Our hope is that we can help make the search for your new favorites a breeze (saving you time and money), while exposing you to options you may not have considered and educating you at the same damn time!  

We would like for this to be an open relationship so please join our Facebook community and engage with like-minded people on their journeys.

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to Suga Dumplin’!

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